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We never blow-up balloons by mouth! Ew!!!!

Besides of the fact that I’m still not able to inflate a balloon by mouth :-(, and it’s gross (double-sad-face), today I found a new reason why not to do it. I know, it looks great and your audience goes “wow!” but don’t do it all the time. It’s bad for you health!

Usually when someone says, “You’re cheating,” for using a pump, I tell them about a story I heard from another twister. He was going to meet a guy in a restaurant to go over some balloon stuff. When he showed up he had a HUGE lump under his chin. He explained to him in a very raspy voice that he had done a birthday party the night before for 100 kids and had blown out his throat!!!

Today I read about a twister from Oregon, Chad Rutan. Blowing up balloons by mouth for 20 years almost made him never work as a balloon artist again. He got a hernia and it was caused by mouth inflating balloons for 2 decades. Luckily he’s back in business but now together with his new best friend; the electric pump!

I’ll never say don’t blow up balloons by mouth, but try to keep it for just a few moments per show. It looks great and I still wanna learn it!

Read the complete article about Chad Rutan at Oregon Live.

Planning A Great Party: Tips From Dave

Howdy party planners! After 5 years of balloon twisting and a few hundred parties, I figured some of you would hear some of my party planning tips! You can consider these at any stage of your planning, and for any event!


1. Consider having it outside of your house

Most parents work full time. And any time you spend on the weekend dealing with your party is time lost! Having your party at a restaurant, VFW, or banquet hall is a great way to save on set-up time, clean-up time, and stress!

3. Keep the kids busy

Connecticut winters make party planning hard. You can’t leave the kids outside, so balloon twisting is a great activity. Just let them run around with balloon swords, play pretend with princess crowns, or anything else!

4. Think about timing

No one wants a mid-day melt down. If your party is expecting kids under 5, consider having a brunch party or a mid-afternoon party. Don’t forget nap time!

6. Let them go crazy! (Outside!)

If all else fails, release the kids. You’ll notice they rarely mind the cold! Make sure in the invitations all parents know to send kids bundled up, even if you’re not planning to let the kids out. That way, if they really just want to run around and play with each other, you can set them free. As long as you’ve planned for this possibility, it can go over fine!

7. Book early and save.

If you’re looking to start planning your party, feel free to get a quote from us on entertainment. Face painting, and ballon twisters are great year-round activities! The more notice we have, the better of a price we can give you on entertainment in CT!