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Balloon Twisting Tips: Walmart Balloons!?

My favorite comment from new twisters is always: “When I do that the balloons pop all the time.” I always laugh and ask what brand balloons they have used. 99% of the time their answer is “I don’t know, from the toy store.” or “From the discount market.” The only advice I can give them is to buy Qualatex balloons and try again. They sell them in our local party store. My favorite say is “Even if you are the greatest balloon artist in the world, with bad balloons you can’t do anything because they will pop.”

Since we don’t have Walmart in the Netherlands I don’t have any experience with their balloons but my favorite YouTube balloon twister Holly Hopper ‘The Twister Sister’ has made a YouTube video where in she tests Walmart Balloons. Funny and interesting video!

Only balloon muggles make this mistake? Well…

When I was in Mexico a few years ago I wanted to have a chat with the clown in our resort. I wondered why he had twisting balloons pumped up and handed them out without even making a sausage dog out of it. He didn’t understand English and my Spanish is not that good so I showed him wat I ment. I took a balloon to make a simple dog out of it. Hmmm, these don’t feel like Qualatex balloons but okay… Then I tried to make some twists – you’ll probably already get it – the balloon popped when I hadn’t even finished the front legs.

I thought that only non balloon twisting people buy bad balloons but this story proofs that even professional people sometimes work with lousy balloons. I still don’t know or I had to feel sorry for him or that he just was not that professional as he looked like…

My advice, buy professional, good quality balloons if you want to be taken serious as a balloon artist.

“Can you volunteer your time?” Memoirs of a Balloon Twister

Looking for a free balloon twister? To volunteer their time? It’s a good cause and it doesn’t cost the balloon twister anything. Plus, their job is fun!

TRUE: our job is fun. And your cause is probably great.

FALSE:  it doesn’t cost us anything.

Here’s a quick breakdown of balloon twisting. As you’ll see on our site, we charge around $150-175 an hour for balloon twisting. And here’s why:

There are 52 weekends a year, and Dave works an average of 8 hours a weekend. So one year is 416 hours of balloon twisting. And here’s our cost:

  • Classes every year: $800
  • subscription: $200
  • Cell phone and internet usage: $30/month x 12 months =$360
  • Cost of balloons per year: $400
  • Cost of apron, pump per year: $125
  • Cost of specialty insurance per year: $250
  • Extra hours put into balloon twisting a year: well over a thousand!

PLUS money we can’t be making because Dave is volunteering at your event? $150-175/hr!

We would love to give your 501C3 a discounted rate, but you get what you pay for! Hire an expert today!