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Book A Balloon Twisting Class for Hands-On Fun!

If your kids like to tinker and play (who doesn’t?) book a BALLOON TWISTING CLASS! with Dave! Here’s how it works:

  • 2hrs for up to 10 kids
  • We will all learn dogs, swords, and flowers (my first three balloons!)
  • The class takes about an hour
  • The second hour, kids can get some crazy sculptures as I explain some more about balloons and generally entertain them
  • Each kid goes home with their three made sculptures, one big one from Dave, and a mini-balloon-twisting kit as a take-away!
  • 2hrs of balloon class is $400 and comes with everything included

CUSTOMER REVIEW: Face Painting for Elaine from Ridgefield

Elaine opted for face painting this year at her daughter’s birthday. Will it hold up to Dave’s balloon twisting? (For context, she’s a satisfied return client! We just emailed her to make sure she was just as happy with her service this year as she was last year.)

Hi David! I wish you had been able to be at our party, but Heather was set on face painting [for her birthday]. Your girl (I forget her name?) was wonderful! All of the kids got tons of different faces with extra glitter (of course). Thanks so much for all of your help! Maybe next year we’ll see both of you for Heather’s 7th birthday! 😉

ABOUT DAVE: His Balloon Twisting Journey

Hey all! I get lots of questions about how I learned to balloon twist, so I thought I’d let everyone who’s curious know how this all began!

Back in 2009, at my oldest child’s kindergarden Parent Action Team meeting, I was put in charge of fundraiser entertainment. After hours of trying to find a free balloon twister and failing, I decided to try it myself. And after a few more hours, I had learned a sword, a dog, and a flower. (Well, it was a start!)

Since then I’ve been getting better and better. And by now, I can twist basically anything you’d want! Because I love it!

Balloon twisters go to professional conventions, can subscribe to services like, and can join all sorts of FaceBook groups set on helping them get better. I do all three! Its’ a lot of hours every year, but the results are worth it.

Besides balloon twisting, I work a semi-boring day job, spend my evenings with my wonderful three children, and root for the SeaHawks whenever I find a spare second.